CASE STUDY: The Professional Gardeners' Guild - The PGG

The Brief

To produce a promotional film for the Professional Gardener’s Guild in a similar style to that of the Newnham Student Life Film. To showcase events, meetings, benefits of membership and to raise the profile of professional gardener’s overall.

Project Details

The target audience for this promotional film was aimed at all who are currently working in horticulture or perhaps looking to begin a career in horticulture.  The age group was vast, from school leavers to the retired so the aim of this film was to capture the essence of what the benefits are for joining the PGG.  The film was shot over 4-5 days throughout the year, starting in the February when the first snowdrops appear, through to early autumn.  We followed the PGG members to various meetings and gatherings at different locations throughout the UK – and discovering what these ‘meetings’ were all about.

The venues and gardens were just incredible and simply stunning.  Members of the PGG of all ages told us in their own words what the benefits of joining the PGG has meant for them and some even invited us to visit the gardens they manage to show us briefly some of the work they do and to present the amazing displays they create.

We edited the film to 12 minutes in duration, and has proven to be highly successful and sits on the PGG website and is also shown at many leading exhibitions and schools throughout the UK.

Here's what staff & PGG members had to say about the completed film:


"I've just thoroughly enjoyed watching the PGG DVD and wanted to be amongst the first to say 'Well Done and thanks very much'. I think you made a difficult job turn out very well indeed. I think you have done the PGG a super job"

A Mason
PGG Founding Member

"An excellent video which needs to be seen by everyone!"

PGG Member

"It is excellent and well presented!"

PGG Member

"It's excellent. Beautifully produced and it's all true!"

PGG Member

"I thought that it was very well made - Lord Ashbrook was excellent - and the contributions from young people should do much to enhance the 'image' of gardeners and the Guild"

PGG Member

"This is brilliant! Best thing I've done is join the PGG!"

Roger Green
PGG Member

"Excellent advert for the PGG ... well done to all concerned!"

PGG Member

"This is fantastic! Very impressed! I must make every effort to come to a meeting. Thank you for the reminder!"

Kate Richardson
PGG Member

"This is great, thank you!"

Jo Ayley
Perennial (PGG Associate)

The Client

  • Mr T Arnold, Chairman
  • The Professional Gardeners' Group, The PGG
  • Cambridge, UK

Video Content

  • Promotional Film - Short Documentary Style


  • Website Video
  • Short Documentary Style
  • Promotional Film
  • 2D Animated Graphics
  • Music Production


  • Main Promo Film: 12.58 mins
  • Total Filming Days: 4-5 Days over 7 months across the UK
  • Total Post-Production: Approx 3 months


  • You Tube Video Hosting Channel
  • Websites

Technical Details

  • Canon XF305 Broadcast Camera
  • Canon 5Dii DSLR


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