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We have been producing video content for over 20 years across a wide range of industries.  No two projects are ever the same and the work involved is determined by available budgets and time.  Below we showcase just a small collection of videos from our portfolio to show the variety of styles.  From award-winning promotionals films to 10 second animated logo’s or social media/website banners, no probject is too small or too big.  Our passion is producing video content that clients feel proud to showcase to their audience, and will have a positive impact on the growth of their brand.  Regardless of budget, our clients will often say that ‘its our focus and attention to detail’ that means we don’t compromise on the production values.  Have a browse through and let us know if you have a project in mind that we can help you with.

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We are proud to partner with a wide range of industries, working with leading Top 100 FTSE companies to not-for-profit charities, SME's and micro businesses. We simply enjoy making films and animations that have a positive effect on the intended audience, so regardless of budgets or size of your business - we want to support and encourage all businesses to use and embrace the power of using video to showcase their brand!

Client's We've Worked With & Their Comments:

James McLaren Fitness Ltd
"Working with Paula has been without question one of the best investments I’ve made this year! It initially started out with doing a promotional video for my personal training gym James McLaren Fitness which has amounted to so much more as her work is outstanding! Paula is a complete perfectionist and it really shows with the attention to detail she has put into the work she has done for me. Just adding the promotional video to the website alone has got me an immediate ROI with sales within a couple weeks. Paula and I now work together through one of her subscription based services where she will produce video content in the form of stinger ads, testimonials and so much more for the gym which I know based off of what I’ve already seen will help my business grow. I’m incredibly pleased with the work she has done for my business. Not only that she is fun to work with and her care for doing her best to promote your business is second to none. I can’t recommend highly enough"
J McLaren
Managing Director
Hounsfield Boilers Ltd
"Positive FX are an extremely professional organisation. From the beginning of the process they spent time researching our product, getting to know our customers and the target market. We thought producing video's was too expensive but Positive FX Studio made the process easy and incredibly cost effective. The video's have been successful and have enabled us to really punch above our weight. The videos have received over 6k hits in a short period of time which has been extremely beneficial for the business. We've reached markets globally, we now have a sales outlet in New Zealand that without the videos would have been beyond our expectations really. We're absolutely delighted! "
A Hounsfield
Managing Director
Bidwedge.com (Bidweg.com)
"I have worked with Paula on a number of projects, ranging from standard informative investor films through to the more complex 3D animated concepts. On every occasion she always has shown a degree of professionalism that makes you want to return as a client, knowing that you are safe in her hands as she takes the brief, develops the idea and with the end result that the message is delivered. In addition, her team are equally of the highest calibre, ensuring that the product you receive is always to the highest standards of excellence that she sets herself. I would recommend Positive FX, Paula and her team for any video task, she is extremely fun to work with, giving 100% all of the time, making the whole process an enjoyable experience and I will continue to work with her in the future.
S Alam
Founder & Entrepreneur
On the Buttton Digital
"We just received our promotional video from Positive FX and are totally blown away. We know from the filming session, prior meetings and her reputation that Paula is very professional and talented so we were expecting something great. What we got far exceeded anything our imaginations could have concocted. The time and creativity put into our video is second to none. We highly recommend using Positive FX for your promotional needs."
K Ives
JW Car Contracts Ltd
"I was considering including videos for my companies website when I met Paula from Positive FX. I would highly recommend Paula and her company for the professional way she organised the idea from my thoughts to the final completed project. Paula's attention to detail including putting my clients and myself at ease during filming to the final production within a good timescale and within budget was outstanding. Thank you Paula & Positive FX"
J Wood
Managing Director
Bidwells Business Support Services
"Just a brief note to say thank you very much for the Business Support Services fim - it has gone down very well with staff and been well-received.
P Woodfield
Chief Operating Officer
Birketts LLP
"Many thanks for all your hard work on these (webcasts). They look great visually - really professional and impactful."
"We all thought the webcasts were great: thank you very much for all the hard work at your end!"
J Wheeler & J Rudge
Partner | Business Development Director
Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy
"Thank you so much for all your hard work on this - we're delighted with it!"
Dr S Lucy
Admissions Tutor
Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy
"You've done such a fantastic job, it's really captured Newnham as it was when I was there - really, really brilliant! Thank you so much!"
K Stewart
Graduate Student (2010)
Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy
"The decisions you've made throughout the editing have created a great product - we're so delighted!"
Schools Liaison Officer
MyCam Film Festival - Newnham College
"Well produced, certainly the highest production values of the factual series"
Brian Woods
Award-winning Producer/Director
MyCam Film Festival - Newnham College
"I loved this one, the mastery of various styles of shooting, editing and pacing was impressive. One could sense a genuine love for the place, which was reflected in the camerawork and editing"
Chris Weitz
Award-winning Director & Screenwriter
The Revival Exchange
"I'm absolutely thrilled with the film and look forward to seeing it shine on the new website"
A Hart
Woodfarm Barns Holiday Cottages
"I am delighted with the results Positive FX Studio have achieved for us. From the initial conversation, the vision has always been to display my holiday cottages in a credible way and this has been achieved. Over the moon!"
C Scott
"I've just thoroughly enjoyed watching the PGG DVD and wanted to be amongst the first to say 'Well Done and thanks very much'. I think you made a difficult job turn out very well indeed. I think you have done the PGG a super job"
A Mason
Founding Member
+ "It's excellent. Beautifully produced and it's all true!" + "It's excellent and well presented!" + "This is brilliant! Best thing I've done is join the PGG!" + "I thought that it was very well made - Lord Ashbrook was excellent - and the contributions from young people should do much to enhance the 'image' of gardeners and the Guild"
Helen, Richard, Roger, Francis
"Excellent advert for the PGG ... well done to all concerned!" + "This is fantastic! Very impressed! I must make every effort to come to a meeting. Thank you for the reminder!"
Anonymous, K Richardson