CASE STUDY: Newhnam College, University of Cambridge

The Brief

As the only ‘all-women’ college at Cambridge University, Newnham wanted to produce a short promotional film that gave prospective students an insight to what ‘student life’ is really like and what to expect from the campus and its facilities.

Project Details

We filmed students over a period of 3-4 weeks during the season where a number of key events would be taking place: the Cambridge Bumps boat race, Exams, Summer Balls, Graduation, Formals and Studying.  A number of students volunteered their time to tell us in their own words their experience of life as a student at the only ‘all-women’s’ college.  Students were studying different subjects and were at different levels.  

Award-Winning - MyCam Film Competition (Watersprite Film Festival)

Shortly after completing this promotional film, the new Watersprite Film Festival was launched in Cambridge which introduced the MyCam Film Competition for anyhow to submit films that showcased the best of Cambridge.  We liaised with Newnham College to agree submitting this film into the competition.

This won first prize in the factual series which gave the PFX team an amazing opportunity to have lunch with leading film professionals at BAFTA, London.  We also received some fantastic feedback from two well known Hollywood Producers/Directors; Chris Weitz, Producer/Writer best known for About a Boy, Golden Compass, Star Wars Rogue One, Brian Woods, BAFTA award-winning British documentary filmmaker best known for The Dying Rooms, and Dispatches.

This also gave Newnham College fantastic exposure receiving a total of 30k hits across two You Tube channels within 3 months!  For a short promotional corporate film, this has been highly successful, as well as generating fantastic SEO and Google rankings at a time when video was still relatively not as popular as it is today in.

Here's what staff at Newnham College & Hollywood Producers/Directors had to say about the promotional film:

Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on this - we're delighted with it!"

Dr S Lucy
Admissions Tutor
Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy

"You've done such a fantastic job, it's really captured Newnham as it was when I was there - really, really brilliant! Thank you so much!"

K Stewart
Graduate Student (2010)
Newnham College, Cambridge Univeristy

"The decisions you've made throughout the editing have created a great product - we're so delighted!"

Schools Liaison Officer
MyCam Film Festival - Newnham College

"Well produced, certainly the highest production values of the factual series"

Brian Woods
Award-winning Producer/Director
MyCam Film Festival - Newnham College

"I loved this one, the mastery of various styles of shooting, editing and pacing was impressive. One could sense a genuine love for the place, which was reflected in the camerawork and editing"

Chris Weitz
Award-winning Director & Screenwriter

The Client

  • Dr S Lucy, Admissions Tutor
  • Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Video Content

  • Promotional Film


  • Website Video
  • Short Documentary Style
  • Promotional Film
  • 2D Animated Graphics


  • Main Promo Film: 7.06 mins
  • Total Filming Days: 3-4 weeks
  • Total Post-Production: Approx 3 months


  • You Tube Video Hosting Channel
  • Websites
  • MyCam Film Competition

Technical Details

  • JVC Pro HD Cameras
  • JIB, Steadicam


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