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how does video help to increase your bookings by 20%?

By showcasing your holiday cottage at its best, your prospective guests get a real insight into what they can expect before they book and arrive.  Video also allows them to visually show your holiday cottage to friends and family both before and after their stay.  Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool for any business.


Within the first month of publishing the first video, the series of video’s showcasing his cottages helped increase both web traffic and bookings, reaching over 30k views.  He now enjoy being fully booked all year round.  All the substantial increase in enquiries has resulted in his business expanding in order to accommodate more guests.  The business continues to grow!

woodfarm barns success story:

Proprietor, Woodfarm Barns

“I’m over the moon!
The video’s have exceeded expectations and more!”

click here to see how the woodfarm barns videos were made

You can also transform your business with video

To help you showcase your holiday cottage at its best, we have created a series of ‘Holiday Cottage Video Bundles’ designed to fit your particular budget and accommodation requirements, whether you own a single property or have a portfolio of properties you let as Holiday Cottages.  The bundle prices are mostly linked to property size, as this determines the level of production and post-production time required to meet your video requirements.

Click on the bundle package button that best fits your needs.  This will take you to the page where you can provide us with a brief description about your holiday cottage and what you would like to achieve.  We will respond to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements in greater detail, propose a plan of action and discuss a final price.  Once you are happy with the proposal and agreed fee, we complete a Booking Form, requiring the first monthly payment as a deposit to secure your booking, and setting up a direct debit for the remaining bundle package contract.



Perfect for filming a single
2 or 3 bedroom holiday cottage

RRP From £150 / month

from £ 95 / month

All BASIC Features:


Prices exclude VAT .  T&C’s Apply

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Ideal for larger 4+ Bed Cottage over multiple floors, or 2-3 smaller 2 bed cottages

RRP From £285 / month

from £ 195 / month

All BASIC Features:


Prices exclude VAT . T&C’s Apply

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Includes ALL Standard Video Bundle Package features, eg. Aerial Filming, Professional Voiceover. Suitable for covering a small complex of properties

RRP From £495 / month

from £ 350 / month

All BASIC Features:


Prices exclude VAT . T&C’s Apply

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Most frequently asked questions about the packages:

what is the benefit of a package bundle rather than paying for the videos upfront?

Finding the money upfront to pay for high quality professionally developed and produced videos can sometimes be a real barrier, especially when you have so many other monthly business expenses to take care of.  Spreading the payment over 12 months can make the owning of high quality video(s) of your Holiday Cottages a more affordable reality, rather than just a dream.

what happens if i can't pay for the full twelve months?

In the same way you would commit to any other contract, where payments are split over a period of time, you do not fully own the video or the rights to the video until the Bundle Package contract has been paid in full.  During our initial discussions, we will explore how we can tailor a specific bundle package to work within your upcoming budget.  Please note, as there is extensive work and financial commitment that we incur during the initial phases, there will be penalties if we produce the video for you and you fail to make payments.

what happens at the end of 12 months?

At the end of the contract you have the option to either renew your contract so we can film another Holiday Cottage for you, refresh the first promotional video, or re-purpose the content to create bespoke advertisements.

what if i have multiple holiday cottages?

If you have more than one holiday cottage on the same site, our packages can be tailored to your requirements and budget.  We can focus on one property at a time or we can include multiple properties within one production.  It’s all about what works best for your requirements and budget.

We archive ALL footage captured.  After your promotional video is completed we keep your library of stock video footage to produce social media adverts, website headers or video slide shows for events and exhibitions at your request.  We work with you to make the most of all your video footage.  The copyright of all filmed footage and music production belongs to Positive FX Studio until the final contract payment is made.  The completed video is then yours – to use and promote as you wish.  Positive FX Studio retains the copyright of the videos only to protect you and what you have paid for from competitor usage.  Music for each video is produced in-house and licensed for your use.  See full T&Cs for further details regarding the copyright of your video.

Full hd or 4k filming

We use up to date digital and video equipment to capture every angle and nuance of your holiday cottage.  Drone footage is conducted by fully licensed pilots with all permissions granted beforehand. All video, interviews and voiceover material is stored and backed up on our secure servers.  4K filming is an optional upgrade in some of our packages.  Full HD quality is still the most commonly used high quality recording format but 4k offers a significantly higher quality resolution image. 


The interior and exterior of each Holiday Cottage is captured, including any key features that make your Holiday Cottage unique and special, such as tranquil gardens, BBQ areas, luxurious hot tubs, swimming pools, or any other facilities that sets you apart from others and adds to your customers holiday experience.


We work with you to create a script to promote your Holiday Cottage in a way that captures the heart and uniqueness of your offering.


During our initial pre-production meetings, we will discuss whether you would like to be interviewed (so you are the voice of the video) or find a professional voiceover artist to increase the warmth and charm of your promotional video.  All videos are transcribed and subtitles added free of charge.


This is where we bring together all the captured footage, interviews or voiceover, to produce a beautiful short video that really brings your Holiday Cottage to life online, showcasing the best of what you have to offer to potential future guests.


Colour grading makes the final video feel rich, cinematic and is what really engages audiences.  Many videographers don’t take the time to colour grade the videos they produce.  We ensure that every video we produce is colour graded including additional treatments and effects to make the promotional video look vibrant, warm and inviting.

bespoke music production

To really polish of your promotional video, our Professional Film Composer will score a unique track of music designed to complement your video perfectly.  Royalty Free Music is ok, but a really great video means the music enhances every small part of the narrative.  Rather than trying to make the edit fit a piece of music, bespoke composed music that fits the story and narrative of the final video always achieves the best results.  The composed music becomes your very own jingle which we license for you to use in every video we produce for you.

video distribution

We work with you to publish your video on social media, including the creation of thumbnails.  We recommend you have your own video hosting channel, which we can help you set up if needed.

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